H W Wilson's 90th Anniversary

29/11/2019 On Monday we asked you to identify what was different on our newly-branded vehicle and as several people correctly spotted … 1930 has replaced 1928! From now on H W Wilson’s strapline will be ‘Building on our reputation since 1930’. So, why lose two years?H W Wilson was established by Henry Wilson in the early 1920s (probably 1923) so we can trace our roots that far back but the 1920s history of the company is very hazy. What we can say for certain is that H W Wilson Limited was created on Thursday 20 February 1930 when the company was incorporated as a limited company. Since uncovering the fact Henry started the company earlier than 1928 it made the existing strapline incorrect and since we have as yet been unable to discover an exact year of founding we have decided to concentrate on our 1930 Incorporation date – hence ‘Building on our reputation since 1930’.Which means 2020 is our 90th Anniversary!Henry wanted to provide a quality building service using a local workforce and his first client was Dr Barnado for who he built various children’s homes across Essex. We have continued to work for public and not-for-profit sector organisations.Under Henry’s son, Harry, the company’s client base increased greatly to include the local authority, local landowners and numerous churches. H W Wilson was responsible for the extension of the famous Roomes Stores on Station Road in Upminster in the 1950s and further refurbishment there in the 1990s (see photos) as well as numerous private houses for sale in Cheelson Road, Wilsman Road and North Road in South Ockendon.Towards the end of the 20th Century Peter Wilson took over the running of the company from his father Harry. Peter worked with bigger clients such as Royal & Sun Alliance, the Port of Tilbury and local NHS and Primary Care trusts.After 70+ years the Wilson-family reign ended in 2001 when Peter retired.In 2005 a management buyout, heralding a new and exciting era for the company, was undertaken by Peter Beckett and Peter Wiffen, who had both been with the company for several years. Peter Beckett retired in 2014 leaving Peter Wiffen the sole owner and Managing Director. Peter Wiffen was employed by Peter Wilson as an apprentice carpenter in 1987 after leaving school and has since spent his entire working life with H W Wilson. Today H W Wilson employs 26 site and office staff and its achievements have been recognised with the receipt of several business awards.90 years after Henry Wilson started the company, H W Wilson continues to build on its reputation (since 1930!) for great service, quality workmanship and customer service by experienced local tradesmen.Here’s to our 90th in 2020!Oh – and Congratulations to Thomas Howe-Smith who won the selection box by being the first to spot 1930! We’ll be in touch!#loveconstruction

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