July 2021

  • A Fishy Tale
    A Fishy Tale... One of our summer holiday jobs is the demolition of the fish pond inside the Reception at Holy Cross School...
  • Hornchurch High School
    Everything's looking great at Hornchurch High where Martin has overseen the building of the new Reception...
  • Women at work
    If you want a job done properly...send in a woman! Here is our Louise getting down and dirty on the Grays Convent site today! #loveconstruction ...
  • Grays Convent Progress
    Great progress has been made at Grays Convent since we last posted about the site and our extension of the science labs. The first steel beams were installed yesterday – the two horizontal beams weigh 1.8 tonnes each! #loveconstruction ...
  • Summer Holiday Works
    The school summer holiday is almost upon us which always means a great deal of advance planning is required to ensure we have enough labour to complete the work...
  • June's Waste Report
    Doing our bit for the Environment and recycling 96 %of our waste in June preventing 38.4 cubic yards of waste going to landfill...