April 2023

  • Happy Easter
  • Excellent Results from CCS
    H W Wilson is delighted to have received a score of 44 out of 45 in its latest Considerate Constructors Scheme Monitor’s Report after they visited one of our sites in Epping. We received EXCELLENTS in the three areas monitored: Respect the Community 15/15 Care for the Environment 15/15 Value their Workforce 14/15 A score of 9 in each of the categories, or 27 for the total score, reflects a confirming score for the Code of Considerate Practice. We are clearly exceeding in each category and while the loss of one point is a little galling it gives us something to aim for in the next inspection! And thanks to Ollie and Tyler for overseeing the site visit. #loveconstruction #CCScheme ...
  • Bill and Ben Part 3
    After collecting the 100 native shade tolerant trees from #ThamesChase, MD Peter Wiffen and ‘Bill and Ben’ (Matt and Connor) hot-footed it over to #EssexWildlifeTrust at Chafford Hundred to hand them over to Chafford Gorge Ltd Ranger, Dean Williams, who had arranged for a group of volunteers to join the H W Wilson squad and get the trees in the ground. Dean selected an area called Wouldham Lower and, to meet his shade tolerant request, the trees included 35 Beech, 20 Holly, 10 Yew and 35 Hazel. Essex Wildlife Trust’s Corporate Communications Officer Grant Maton also came along to lend his support. After Peter Wiffen demonstrated how to do plant the first it was left to our ‘Bill and Ben’ to stay for the rest of the day (in the rain) to assist in planting the other 99! 2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of our supporting the Essex Wildlife Trust - the county’s leading conservation charity committed to protecting wildlife and inspiring a lifelong love of nature...
  • Bill and Ben Part 2
    You may recall that H W Wilson has committed itself to having 100 trees planted each year from 2020 to 2030 as we mark the decade leading to our Centenary of becoming a Limited Company in 1930. For our fourth year we decided to work with #ThamesChase and #EssexWildlifeTrust and last week Managing Director Peter Wiffen, along with our very own ‘Bill and Ben’ Matt and Connor, went along to Thames Chase Forest Centre in Upminster to collect the trees. We’d like to thank Becky Gibson, Senior Programmes Officer at Thames Chase Trust for all her help...