Sizzling Summer Schedule as the temperature rises so does our work load!!!!

19/07/2016 As is usual we are again finding the forthcoming school holidays to be our busiest period of the year. The great news is that we are now confirmed to be carrying out 20 separate projects in 13 different schools throughout the summer holidays, not only the Thameside Primary extension and refurbishment, but with our regular range of local authority primary schools, together with our newest clients from the Havering Brokerage scheme. All of this coupled with our current contracts with South Essex Insurance Brokers, Sodexo Facility Management & Private clients, means we will be having a huge amount of work to complete in the coming eight weeks. We have taken on additional staff, and domestic sub -contractors and feel confident we will complete all of the tasks on time! We thank all of our regular customers and our new clients and hope to ensure your own projects run as smoothly as possible. In the coming months we will be liaising with and looking for feedback from our school customers to see if it would be possible to carry out more simple refurbishment projects during normal school term times. H W Wilson Ltd is a regular contractor for the NHS and local authorities, and is well aware of the careful nature of working in sensitive areas or in conjunction with young and vulnerable people. All of our tradespeople are DBS registered and are issued with Health & Safety paperwork prior to carrying out works in occupied buildings. We have successfully worked in many schools during normal times and can offer case studies and customer referrals if you would like to consider this in the future. It is our intention to try and stop the ‘mad’ rush for the summer holidays, and allow schools the opportunity to manage their budgets better, while also allowing them to receive better ‘value for money’ quotations from a company trying to plan a years worth of work sensibly. Remember there are only so many bricklayers, electricians, floor-layers etc and these specialist sub-contractors get booked up well in advance every summer.

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